Nisha Salim

Things To Do In One Of The Most Iconic Middle Eastern Cities – Dubai

For a city that was desert only 50 years ago Dubai has changed into one of the most exciting destinations in the Middle east. It now attracts visitors from all over the world with a combination of glitz and glamour and an absolute focus by its tourism authorities to making it simply the most exciting tourism destination in the region.

People landing at the Dubai International Airport there is very little indication that they are about to go through customs and enter a place that has been called the playground of the Middle East, where things like driving luxury cars are normal among the population.

Dubai offers many attractions – some of which would seem completely out of place in a city that is surrounded by the desert. Take for instance the Dubai Ski World Snowpark. A complete snow and ski experience in the heart of a place that boasts sandstorms and some of the hottest temperatures in the region.

Families can enjoy a ski and snow experience second to none in this magnificent example of Dubai’s commitment to a world class tourist and lifestyle experience.

Of course there are more well known attractions. The iconic Burj Khalifa stands over 800 meters high and offers unprecedented views. For the ultimate experience travel up in some of the fastest elevators in the world to the Top Sky Lounge on the 148th floor and take in a magnificent view of Dubai and its surrounds.

For those who want what must be close to the ultimate retail experience then the pace to be must be the Dubai Mall. With around 1200 shops and over 150 restaurants this is a shoppers paradise and a place that the whole family will enjoy. There’s even an aquarium on the premises that will delight everyone from the youngest members of the family to those who have a keen interest in the wonders of the natural world.

For those who want to see how, with a bit of ingenuity mankind can change the natural environment into something truly unique then the view of the Palm Jumeirah is sure to delight. This island, completely man made is designed in the shape of a palm tree and is home to some of the best hotels in Dubai. Connected to Dubai mainland by a monorail system it is a true delight for those who want to enjoy accommodation in great style.

If you want to explore Dubai the way it was only a generation ago then simply travel out of the city on modern roads. In about half an hour you will find yourself among the dunes that characterized the city not so long ago. In this clam yet harsh environment you will find inner peace. But you needn’t do it by yourself there are numerous tour operators who will allow you to enjoy adrenaline filled adventures such as dune surfing and quad biking – or even an authentic spa day.

Dubai is a wonder for those who want a balance between an ultra modern tourist experience and the opportunity to enjoy a desert kingdom as it was before modernity.