Nisha Salim

Eligibility Criteria For Renting A Luxury Car

Renting a Luxury Car could be surprisingly difficult. This is because of the regulations that vary country to country and state to state. We have listed down the frequently-asked questions help to help you understand our fast and user friendly car rental process.

Any Age restriction To Drive The Luxury Rental Car?

In US there is a minimum age limit of around 21-24 years .The person should have held license for a minimum period of one year.

What Is Paperwork Required When Collecting The Vehicle? 

The paperwork includes a valid driver’s license for all named drivers. The license should have been held for a minimum of 12 months. Driver’s licenses, if printed in non-Roman alphabet, must be accompanied by an international driver’s license. 

Is It Possible To Return The Vehicle Outside Office Hours?

Some travel companies do provide this option. They may also provide an out of hours pick up/drop off service. You are suggested to please review respective the company’s brochures or the booking form.

Am I Allowed To Return My Vehicle Late? 

Some companies do provide all customers some grace period from the time the vehicle was picked that is shown on your rental agreement. However, charges will be incurred if the return time falls outside that hour (or the permissible duration) grace period.

Should I be careful of any hidden Terms and Conditions for renting the vehicle?

This depends on the travel company policy. Always ask for details before signing the rental agreement.

Is smoking permitted in?

This depends on your operator. Some of them have a strict non-smoking policy in all of their vehicles.

Will there be any Insurance Cover?

If you chose not to take coverage with the travel company it is required to note your own insurance provider name and the policy number in the space provided in the rental agreement.

Will I be held responsible for parking fines or traffic offenses?

Of Course, the renter of the vehicle is the one who is solely accountable for any offense, fines and related fees incurred during the rental period.

Can my friend drive the vehicle?

Yes, but in that case the additional driver name must be recorded on the rental contract. Like the main driver the second driver must also furnish similar paper work. A per day additional fees may be applicable.

Is it possible that I return the vehicle to another location?

This depends on the policies of the Car Rental Company. Some offer one-way rentals among select locations, with some additional charges. It is advised to see the respective terms of rental for further details including countries terms.

Is there a possibility that I book a vehicle and pay for although I will not be driving it?

Not possible, at the booking time the driver’s name must be recorded along with the credit card that will be used for final payment. The name on the credit card must also match the driver’s name.